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Recently Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl met with residents of one of Pittsburgh's neighborhoods...and was told in emphatic terms by those in attendance, they were sick and tired of section 8 housing destroying their community. Anger over Section 8 housing has been expressed in other neighborhoods and communities throughout the state.

The mayor of McKeesport said the number one problem facing his community is ABSENTEE LANDLORDS. The citizens of these neighborhoods and communities are echoing the points that supporters of the S.T.O.P. Primary Residence Protection Plan have been stating since 2002. The answer to declining neighborhoods is NOT just more subsidized rental housing. The answer to declining neighborhoods is NOT more absentee-ownership of rental homes.

Pennsylvania currently has several costly governmental programs that help lower income citizens purchase homes. Usually, they include tax forgiveness for a few years. However, once the tax forgiveness period ends, the homeowner is faced with paying school, county and municipal property taxes on that home and often finds tax payments impossible. They lose the home to foreclosure, or to sheriff sale.

Abandoned homes are another problem facing more and more neighborhoods in communities across Pennsylvania. One in ten properties in Philadelphia is abandoned. In Pittsburgh, there are 350 newly abandoned homes every year. Suburban and rural communities also face abandoned home problems. Abandoned properties produce NO TAX REVENUE. And...

According to the Federal National Mortgage Administration's Fannie Mae Foundation, the impact of abandoned properties is much greater than most people realize. (Quote from Fannie Mae Foundation :) "Of all of the conditions that adversely affect neighborhoods, abandoned properties may be the most destructive, because they exacerbate many of the other problems communities face, including:

Decreasing property values: The presence of abandoned properties in a neighborhood significantly affects the value of the remaining properties. A Philadelphia study found that the presence of one abandoned property on a block reduced the value of the other properties on the block by nearly $6,500 each.

Increasing public safety concerns: Abandoned properties often become venues for a wide range of criminal activity, including prostitution and drug trafficking. They increase the risk of fire, particularly hazardous in high-density urban areas where fires can spread quickly to nearby buildings.

Jeopardizing public health: Vacant properties create opportunities for infestation by rats and vermin, and can become dumping grounds for construction debris and garbage.

Draining municipal finances: Abandoned properties impose a massive fiscal burden on local taxpayers because the municipal government must look after or demolish the property.

The answer to revitalizing our communities is individual home ownership. Ownership changes attitudes. And the STOP Primary Residence Protection plan is the best tool for bringing about increased individual home ownership and to help stop the decline of our communities, large and small; urban, suburban and rural.

Under the STOP PLAN, those purchasing a home as their primary residence would have NO escrow payment for property taxes since there would be NO property taxes. Homeowners purchasing older housing and investing both their money and sweat in improving the homes would NOT be punished for their efforts with higher property taxes. Our current system punishes those who purchase homes and improve them, or build new ones. Learn more about the STOP Plan at

Article written by Bob Logue, STOP
Box 306 Fairbank,
PA 15435-0306

Visitor Comments:

Anonymous says :
Talk about abandoned houses... the City of Pittsburgh owns 10,000 parcels of land in Allegheny County. Just type in both "City of Pgh" and then try "City of Pittsburgh" in the Allegheny County Real Estate website. You'll get 485 PAGES of results with 20 parcels on EACH PAGE! MANY, MANY of these parcels have vacant, vandalized, abandoned, fire damaged, or otherwise delapidated structures on them!!!! If you call the city, they will tell you they "Prioritize" them for demolition (read: whatever ones the council or community groups want demolished). To H*LL with the rest of us who have to live next door to these places, or whose kids walk past them daily...
Sell them now for whatever they bring, even $1.00 to someone who'll rehab them, or demolish them!!!!
Cuthbert JACK says :
Hey! You need to get the media involved. Someone like Fox News. Organize rallies in the biggest cities--then organize a door to door petition campaign. Who wouldn't sign? EVERYONE hates this tax and especially the elderly who are rapidly becoming the majority thanks to this tax and others like it.
Anonymous says :
i work for a very prominent person i make 25-30 k a year im in my early 30's ive been working for 15 years! i am on the sec 8 program does that make me a bad person medical bills 3 children expenses etc. are the reasons why im on the program does that make me a bad person well respected i pay taxes just like you!!!!!!
LaSarah says :
Im looking for Section 8 housing im currently 16 pregnent, and kicked out of a broken home. please help im trying to get section 8.

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